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We believe Virtual Reality has the power to change how people train. It will place simulation training, once only available to fighter pilots and Formula One drivers, within arms reach of everyone.

VR Man

Reduced risk and improved outcomes
by training in authentic virtual environments


Off the shelf products and customisable
VR training solutions to reduce up front costs


Standardised training and assurance that empowers employees to train remotely

VR Movement

Immersive Simulation as a Service (ISaaS) provides customers a scalable training solution without the need for expensive real world equipment or instructors


We have developed HEAT to Capture, Store, Analyse and Present data insights on trainee performance during simulation sessions to enhance training outcomes

As well as putting simulation within arms reach, virtual reality offers a unique opportunity to record and understand human performance during training. Training managers instinctively know the value of training. HEAT allows for this value to be proven.


Individual user profiles enable trainee specific metrics to be captured. The HEAT dashboard is accessible anywhere via our cloud based platform enabling remote training. Trainees, Instructors and Managers can sign into a dashboard to review training, view analytics & and understand overall organisational training picture.


Authentic virtual training environments enable better, safer training without the cost and disruption of traditional training & simulators. Digital twins of key equipment or activities allow employees to train without disrupting operations. Knowledge and experience of the best instructors is codified to ensure all employees receive standardised, high quality training. Using HEAT, rich data sets are generated and captured.

Our core technology powering HEAT is hardware and platform independent. HEAT through our FIRE SDK can be integrated into your system to capture and deliver data driven insights.


Actionable insights are delivered via the HEAT dashboard. Large volumes of training data can be overwhelming. Artificial Intelligence is deployed across the data captured in HEAT in order to unlock key performance indicators. Insights can be used not only to improve individuals performance but to assess trends over time to aid recruitment, retention and overall organisational performance.  

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