Working with Childfund Pass It Back to develop a series of VR experiences for children and adults in rural communities. The program is designed to immerse the viewer in the lifestyle and lessons being learned by players and participants in the Pass It Back initiative.

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Childfund uses sport to drive positive change in children’s lives from disadvantaged communities by promoting gender equality and improving societal inequality. Using sport they give children the opportunity to play, learn and lead.


The virtual reality experience allows the Childfund team of rugby development officers to give parents, children and stakeholders the chance to feel what participation in the programme is like.  From learning how to pass, or tag a player in tag rugby to learning about Rugby’s core values of integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and discipline, the programme teaches the participants not just a game, but a way of life.

By presenting the people and their stories through their own eyes, ChildFund hopes to increase understanding of the programme both in Vietnam to increase participation and also globally to spread the word of how technology and sport are coming together to improve lives there.

By combining cutting-edge technology with hard-working, highly trained coaches on the ground, ChildFund have hit on a winning formula.

The immersive videos have been broken down into 3 separate experiences. The first takes place during a coaching session, giving the child’s perspective as they play and run around within groups of their peers. The second, lets us step into the world of  Kim Chi, a young girl from Kim Boi who has benefitted from the programme. We see her at home with her parents and follow her to a Pass it Back session where she learns new skills with her friends. The third, from a coaches perspective, tells how the programme has benefitted their communities as a whole.


By using the latest technology, including filming with 8k 360 cameras and delivering on the Pico Goblin, a completely self contained VR headset, we were able to provide an all-in-one solution. We delivered the headsets in ChildFund-branded Pelican hard-cases to allow the development officers to travel to rural areas across the country. The experience can be easily transported to events in any country allowing ChildFund Pass It Back to bring Vietnam to the world.


Developing authentic experiences for brands and organisations is something we deeply believe in. Choosing the right technology is only one part of the project. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and tell the stories that are most important and to ensure a lasting connection is made between the viewer and the content presented.

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