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Improving safety & efficiency through immersive training

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“This is a really important development in driver training which will harnesses the latest VR technology available to deliver real benefits for bus drivers and cyclists. It will help increase driver awareness of the challenges facing cyclists and will most importantly make cycling in Dublin a safer experience.”

Shane Ross - Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport


There is a rise of injuries & death in the cyclist community. It is necessary to educate Dublin Bus drivers on the importance of observation & increase their awareness of the challenges facing cyclists face. Most importantly — to make cycling in Dublin a safer experience. How do we show the men & women of Dublin Bus the obstacles cyclists face without sending them out on a bike themselves?

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Devised by the Environmental, Health, and Safety Department of Dublin Bus, VRAI produced a 360° video to allow Dublin Bus drivers to cycle the capital’s streets. They experience what a journey from Parnell Square to Camden Street on a typical morning commute is like for cyclists, seeing first hand the challenges they face. We loaded the experience on 15 Oculus Go headsets which will be used in Dublin Bus’ dedicated training center for all new drivers and as part of bi-annual driver awareness training for existing drivers.