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Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining


The GICHD works towards reducing risk to communities caused by explosive ordnance, with a focus on landmines, cluster munitions and ammunition stockpiles.

The GICHD supports around 40 affected states and territories every year, helping national authorities, international and regional organisations, NGOs and commercial operators to develop and professionalise mine action and ammunition management


The Technical Simulator (TSIM), developed by the GICHD, was initially designed to serve as a support for mine action courses, principally for a generic technical survey course. As it is not always practical or feasible to visit field operations during the courses, TSIM allows us to discuss the operational decisions from a safe virtual environment.


TSIM is an interactive virtual training platform which allows creation / simulation of a realistic or potential operational scenario, in a safe virtual environment. 

While the practical training can never be adequately replaced, TSIM allows the mine action operations managers to practice their decision making within the safe virtual environment, without the associated costs and risks when working in the real life scenarios.

TSIM has enabled us to travel virtually, and foremost safely, to many different locations within seconds, covering various operational environments and assets. This is contributing to our trainings tremendously, allowing us to take our students to places we would not be able to visit otherwise during the course of training and to conduct simulations of different working environments. Students have reacted positively to this new tool and we will certainly continue using it and improving further to stay relevant with the needs of our partners working in the mine action sector.

Stanislav DamjanovicGICHD Advisor