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We developed an AR application to showcase the new Samsung S9 (and later models) and its support for ARCore. The application supports an AR camera which can be used to trigger markers containing information about the device itself as well as some fun with the T-Rex and Ostrich models from Samsung’s advertising campaign.


Samsung had two challenges, how to showcase the capabilities of the new Samsung S9 to fans and consumers while also focusing on the new ARCore support within the S9 itself.  The solution was to build an augmented reality application which showcased the power of native AR Core, included in the newest Samsung 9 and S9+ phones by design 3D, AR assets which are fun to engage with while also adding markers which can be used by Samsung’s sales team and associates to highlight, through AR, how these features work.


VRAI designed and developed the app to enable users to see the possibilities offered by Augmented Reality. The app contains the AR camera and a selection of sample tracking markers. Simply launch the app, print the markers and enjoy. Choosing AR as a medium meant that sales agents could bring to life elements of the phone without the need for printed sales material or advertising all the while reinforcing the level of innovation build in to the device itself. Launching the app gives the viewer and agent a personalised experience as well as being consistent with all the important brand messages Samsung wanted to communicate.

AR for Training & Education


At VRAI, we aim to help businesses across a range of sectors introduce Virtual and Augmented Reality into their training and onboarding programs. Training can be made more effective by using augmented reality, as participants can engage better with the visual medium in 3D compared to a 2D video or manual. This interactive format is proven to be more effective than traditional text and video and we encourage more companies to investigate the possibilities of AR as part of their training.

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