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We worked with ESB International to deliver a unique and truly immersive experience from the perspective of the sub-sea diver working at depth to restore power.
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In June 2017, ESB International (ESBI) sought a virtual reality solution to help them explain how their innovative sub sea cable repair solution works.

They had a couple of traditional videos that explained the basic operation of the habitat, but because most of the work was done with divers at depth it was problematic to film its actual operation with anything other than underwater action cameras.

Following a successful tender process, we set about identifying how virtual reality could be used to tell the story of the sub-sea habitat in a more immersive, engaging way.

Our specific challenges were to convey the story of the habitat in 3 minutes, to add some interactive elements and to allow all participants to actually carry out the repair themselves.

This is the result of that process.

The project posed a number of interesting challenges.

Challenge One: to make the experience as interactive as possible what could we do to give the participant the feeling they were using real machinery? So we designed and commissioned the building of a mock habitat.

Challenge Two: Being immersed in the sea, what changes would we have to account for? the lighting, sound and visual would all have to be treated in a unique way to give users an experience they would believe. Challenge Three: Timing.

The project had to be completed in just a few weeks and we had to compile a lot of research and testing before the experience could be built.

What we delivered was something we feel very proud of and the team at ESBI continue to use at events and meetings to showcase the work and expertise of their team.