Triple Bottom Line

Triple Bottom Line

At VRAI, our vision is to create a sustainable creative technology company where we want to work, affect change and make an impact.

We create shared value for our customers, investors, employees and community by adopting the ‘Triple Bottom Line’. This means that we focus not just on profit, but also on people and the planet.

What is Triple Bottom Line?

A Triple Bottom Line in Sustainability means measuring success in terms of social, environmental and financial results. We embed sustainability into all our decisions, from how we work and who we work with, to how we design and deliver our products, and set challenging goals for how we can make a positive impact. Our Triple Bottom Line reporting to our board includes metrics across our People, Planet and Profit pillars.


We create value for our customers by helping them meet their own sustainability commitments through responsible business choices.

We can help our customers reduce their carbon footprints by using VR training solutions to tackle common problems. By delivering VR training at point of need customers can reduce the need to travel to training centres or off-site locations. By training in simulation, customers reduce the use of real-life vehicles or equipment which often have large associated carbon emissions. We can calculate the emissions saved by training in VR so our customers can measure the impact against their goals. 

We embed sustainability into the development of any product or collaboration, making us ideally placed to meet the increasingly common sustainability requirements of funders and investors.

Our Triple Bottom Line approach

In 2022, we adopted a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals to help guide and measure our progress

We’re committed to designing sustainable products. Our goals are to develop sustainable sourcing solutions for materials, from packaging to hardware; to measure the carbon footprint of our software and data processing; and to provide sustainable-use and end-of-life guides to our customers.


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We believe that defence and security is an essential part of addressing the challenges humanity faces. The training we provide will better enable defence personnel to reduce the number of conflict-related deaths, and reduce the portion of the population subject to them. 

We evaluate the commitment of all potential clients and collaborators to transparency, democratic governance and human rights, and measure the number of military personnel using our training who are contributors to UN Peacekeeping operations.

We are committed to a positive work culture that prioritises the well-being of our employees and supports and empowers them to do meaningful work. All our team members are paid a living wage and offered educational allowances for training and professional development. We offer paid parental leave and flexible working arrangements.

For our customers, we design products to help them scale their workforces, tackling specific challenges like the transition of workers from fossil to renewable energy, and measure our success in the volume of personnel trained. 

We are committed to helping our clients improve the occupational health & safety of their workforces. One of the core functions of our products is to enable people to learn and practise skills in a safe, authentic environment, to better prepare them for doing the job for real.

We measure the impact our training has on improving the knowledge and capabilities of people using our products, helping our customers build safer, better prepared teams.

We are committed to achieving a gender balanced team by 30 employees. Women are systematically not getting the same opportunities to work in this field. Ethically, it’s not right, and strategically, we need diversity across our team in order to succeed in a complex, emerging market.

In 2019, we offered one of Ireland’s first-ever female-only tech apprenticeships and we now create gender-balanced short lists when hiring for any new position.

We are committed to measuring and reducing both our own carbon footprint and helping our clients to do the same. In 2022 we are measuring our baseline, focusing on our highest impact areas – electricity, products and travel. Once we establish a baseline we will set reduction targets and implement strategies to meet them. With our customers, we are measuring how much carbon emissions are prevented through training in virtual reality versus their traditional methods.