How much does VR training cost?

Last year, the Fortune 500 spent $100 Billion on training and safety and yet the majority of those companies suffered a death or serious injury in the previous 18 months.

The cost of VR training is bespoke to each project, however, the value would be determined on the long-term investment i.e the money saved by implementing remote training, not using machinery to train employees on, not traveling to a far or high-risk destination to carry out training etc.

The biggest cost associated with VR training is to create bespoke virtual worlds. We are always looking for ways to reduce this cost for our customers and to find partners that can reduce the cost of content creation. This can be done by using existing VR content, using content creation partners or to integrate with existing simulation solutions.

VRAI will work with you to develop options depending on what problem you are trying to solve. You might be able to recreate scenarios using 360 video, which greatly reduces the time and cost for creating virtual worlds. 

The objective for HEAT is to provide a service where the customers pay per hour of use, or simulation as a service. This means that you do not have to think about the costs of creating the worlds or scenarios, you just pay a set cost each time one of your employees uses HEAT. 

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