What does a VR training course entail?

VR training is a form of “practice by doing” to allow trainees to get hands on experience on a task but without the associated risk, it can be done remotely and without the need for rare equipment or instructor resources. 

Some VR training courses will be made bespoke to your company’s learning requirements and will often be part of a blended learning solution i.e. to augment traditional training on a specific piece of equipment, machine or scenario. 

Some VR training can be generic if there are not specific requirements i.e. working at heights, lock out tag out procedures etc.

We find that VR training has the most impact when the activity is something that is inherently risky, is in a remote location to the trainees or where there is a rarity of equipment or instructors to facilitate the training. 

Organisations will sometimes want to integrate the HEAT VR training platform into their learning management systems (LMS) so that the learning & development (L&D) lead can assign specific training to the trainee, and that training is then recorded and tracked through the LMS.

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