What industries are using virtual reality training?

The early adopters of VR training in  the UK & Ireland were offshore energy, aviation and defence. The cost of VR hardware has reduced to about €500 per headset, and the business cases are stacking up showing the return on investment (RoI) and impact it is having on large organisations. This is driving the more widespread use of VR training, particularly in large organisations whose activities are risky, remote and rare.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that large organisations need to find ways to train their employees remotely and safely. This shift towards remote simulation training has been gaining traction over the past number of years, and COVID-19 will likely will increase the speed of civil and enterprise level adoption.

Virtual reality (VR) training is used across many industries. For example we have worked with utilities, aviation, transport, pharmaceutical companies, construction and defence.

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