What is simulation training?

Virtual reality (VR) simulation training allows you to recreate real world training scenarios that can be accessed by putting on a VR headset. VR training allows you to recreate training scenarios but without the inherent risk associated with real world training, without the need to travel to remote training environments and without the need for rare real world instructors or equipment.

These virtual training scenarios can provide authentic simulations of real world scenarios using 3D models. Trainees can interact with these 3D models like they would with real world objects, they can move around the world with 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) and receive instruction from virtual training assistants or onscreen instruction. 

VR also allows you to record training performance and use the data generated to iteratively help you improve your training outcomes. These data driven insights can help improve safety and performance in the workplace.

We find that VR training has the most impact when the activity is something that is inherently risky, is in a remote location to the trainees or where there is a rarity of equipment or instructors to facilitate the training. 

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